Configure a rate table for Private Transfer
To configure the prices for a rate table of the Private transfer type.
 Access that rate table or create a new one.

  • Prices by section per vehicle
To configure a price for each leg per vehicle, access the same named tab and press the + button.

Specify the place or geographical area of departure and arrival and the rate table that you want to apply in that case.

You can insert all the rates that you want in the same rate table. 

At the time that you go to apply the rate table to a trip, Sengerio will propose all the rates compatible with the trip and you can select those you prefer. 

  • Prices by section per person
The rates per section per person are very similar to those preceding. 
To configure them, access the same named tab and press  +.

The only difference with the rates per vehicle is that in this case, the special rate is per person, and you have to specify also the minimum and maximum number of passengers to which to apply it. 

To always apply the rate, it is enough to enter 1 as the minimum value and leave the maximum value empty. 

It is important to know that, regarding the rate per section, in the case in which a place or a geographical area is modified by the user, these modifications are automatically reflected in the rate that use that place or area.

  • Price by element
In the By elements tab, you can define all the elements that you think necessary to calculate the price of a transfer in a general manner, without using the sections. 

For each element (Vehicle, Drive, Assistant, Other), choose a unit rate and associate a quantity that can be the Total distance (every km is multiplied by the unit rate, the Duration in hours (every hour is multiplied by the unit rate) or a Flat price (i.e. fixed.)

At the time that a rate table is applied, the final import of the sum is made of the sum of the unit price of each unit of each element multiplied by its quantity. 

Let's see an example: the configuration below means that the tariff per drive is 30 EUR per hour and for the vehicle is 0,40 EUR per km. 

Clicking on Show rate table, in the Prices tab, you can see the details of the calculation.

You are free to add all the elements that you think necessary, and to specify for each a Band and a lowest tariff

Configuring the band, you can define, for example, a price for the first 100 km and another price for the following km, from 101 on. 

Configuring the lowest tariff, if the quantity multiplied by the unit rate is less than that value, the lowest tariff will be used. 

In the image below, the first 100 km have a price of 0,40 each but given that the lowest tariff is 20,00 EUR, means that the first 50 (20,00 / 0,40 ) will always be added to the price.

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