Configure a user role with hidden prices and customer

Sengerio allows you to configure one or more users so that they are not enabled to see neither the prices entered in the bookings ( and then also on the invoices and in the rest of the system) nor the name of the customer.

To do that click on the gear icon in the menu on the left, then on Roles.

Now select a category of users from whom you want to hide the prices by clicking on the blue arrow, or create a new one by clicking on the + button.

In both cases, in the window that opens click on the checkbox Hidden prices and customer and save.

Move the users that you want to hide prices and customer inside the new role.

Once you have done that, when one of these users accesses Sengerio, the user cannot see the customer name nor the price on the bookings list. The hidden information is visible as •••.

By accessing a booking, in the same way, the user cannot see any of the prices or the customer name.

Keep in mind that a user configured with hidden information has further limitations, such as editing the bookings (since the edit could result in a price change), or accessing messages list (where a lot of customer information is visible).
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