Calculate the Sales Tax surcharge

Click on the Road icon on the main menu and select Bookings. Open a booking.

Manage the foreign Sales Tax surcharge from the Territoriality tab in the booking form.

You can manage all the territorialities of the booking in the table that is shown.

For each row with a foreign territoriality, you can add the percentage of Sales Tax surcharge, or you can access the country registry by pressing the pencil icon when you are selecting a Country.

In the country registry, you can decide to associate a specific percentage of the Sales Tax surcharge with each line, which will be automatically applied when you choose that country.

Once you have finished defining all the territorialities, press on the button below, Calculate surcharge foreign Sales Tax.

In this detail window, you will be shown the Unit Price defined in the price line of type Transport, together with all the surcharges applied for each country.

Press on Apply below to apply the new unit price to the price line.

Keep in mind that you can only calculate the additional cost automatically when there is only one price line for the transport.
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