Renew your Sengerio subscription

If you set the renewal type of your subscription to Manual, 10 days prior to the expiry date, a notice appears at the bottom right of the software. 

By clicking on the blue text, you are taken to the subscription page.

Alternatively, go to the gear icon in the main menu... 

...and navigate to Subscriptions.

If your subscription expires in less than 15 days, click on the Renew button. If the expiry date is beyond that, it is not possible to renew the subscription.

If you have a particular need regarding this, contact [email protected] directly with an email.

Choose the type of subscription from those available or keep the type that you already have. The features of each subscription type are visible on the right-hand side.

Choose the number of Resources that you want to activate in the software. 

By default, the field is set to the current number of your Active vehicles while the human resources are always double this value.

With this software, you pay per vehicle.

Choose if you are renewing for a month or a year. The Expiration is calculated automatically.

See the recap of your order, updated with each change.

If you have never renewed your subscription with a credit card, or have deleted the card that you have entered, this is what you will see:

To add a card, click on Add a credit card and enter the necessary information.

To delete a card that you have entered, click on the trash icon.

Enter all of the data on Pay.

Once the payment is processed, Sengerio will advise you with a confirmation message.

Every time that you manually renew your subscription, the Renewal type will be set to automatic.

The automatic renewal uses the same information as the last transaction.
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