Manage shared rides

Sengerio allows you to create shared rides to combine two or more bookings to be managed with only one shared vehicle.

Go on the Agenda.

First make sure you see the "Shared ride" column which contains the identifier of the ride.

To be included in a shared ride, the bookings involved must overlap in time, at least partially, and shouldn't have vehicle and driver assigned.

There are two ways to create a shared ride:

  • Drag a booking onto another.

  • Hold down the CTRL key, select the bookings you want to merge, right-click and click Include into a shared ride.

The same two methods also allow you to include a booking in an existing shared ride.

If you assign a vehicle or driver to a shift that is involved in a shared ride, they will automatically be assigned and connected with that other shift.

To remove a booking from a shared ride, select it, right-click (or hold, on the tablet) and choose Remove from a shared ride.

To remove more than one, hold down the CTRL key while selecting and right-clicking.

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Sengerio SUPPORT | 2021