Sengerio Mobile – Assign or remove a supplier

To assign a supplier, access the details of the booking and click on the vehicle icon.

To assign a supplier, in the selection screen, press Supplier. From the list of supplier, select the one you want to assign the reservation.

To assign a vehicle associated with a supplier instead, press on Vehicles and select one of those that you have associated with a supplier.

If the supplier you chose is connected to you via Sengerio, you can check the status of the assignment. A padlock icon means that the assignment must still be shared with that supplier. In this condition, your vendor is unaware of this assignment or of any changes you make to it.

The name written in black (without padlock) or red indicates that it has accepted or refused the assignment, while the yellow indicates a standby state.
The notice, not read (in red) or read (green) to the right of the name will let you know if the supplier has or has not viewed the assignment (or subsequent changes made on the hire duty).

As soon as the supplier assigns a driver to that hire duty, this is also displayed on your booking detail with the icon of a chain.

To remove the assignment of a supplier, click on the x beside the name.

If you want to assign a supplier in the place of another one, it is not necessary to remove it and reassign it! 

Click on the one that you want to substitute and the software will automatically do the removal and make the new assignment.

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