Sengerio Mobile – Assign or remove a driver

This guide explains in detail how to assign or remove a driver, the operation is similar for an assistant.

To assign a driver, go to the detail of the booking and click on the person’s icon

If there are multiple rows with this icon, it means that for that vehicle hire, you have specified more driver hires, as many rows as you see.

In the driver selection screen, click on the name of a driver to proceed with the assignment

Change the group of drivers in the filed at the top of the list.

Click on the blue i beside the name (if present) to view the phone numbers of the driver. Click on the number to call it.

If the hire has been modified in anyway prior to the assignment, not read appears in red after the name of the driver (as the driver would not yet have read the updated information).

When the driver views the hire in his Sengerio Driver, the status changes to read (written in green).

To remove a driver, click on the beside the name.

If you want to assign a driver in place of another, you do not have to remove and reassign the driver! 

Click on the name of the one to be replaced and your system will automatically remove and reassign it.

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