Configure the follow-up of a quotation

Each time you send a quotation document email, you have the possibility to configure up to 4 automatic follow-ups.

For each one of these follow-ups, Sengerio will automatically resend the document to your customer on the date and time you have chosen.

Schedule the follow-up by using a calendar (at least two hours after sending time) or by choosing from a list of predefined times (e.g. 24 hours after sending, or 3 days later and so on).

In the follow-up emails you can insert an additional text, depending on whether it is the first follow-up, or the second, and so on.

To do that, first of all click on the box icon.

For each language, you can specify the text of each follow-up simply by clicking on the + button and writing the text.

When all of the quotations involved in the recap document have been set as closed or accepted, the follow-up process stops and Sengerio won't send the emails anymore.

Every time a document with follow-ups enabled is sent, you can visualize the status of each follow-up.

You can edit one or more quotations, resend a document with the follow-up, and don't worry about your client receiving obsolete emails. If the follow-up is interrupted, its status is presented as Terminated

In the printed or sent documents window, in the follow-up column, you can see if and how many follow-ups have been configured.

In addition, hovering the mouse over the i you can check the times they were set.

Finally, you can check the status of each follow-up: In progress if it has not been sent yet, Finished if all the follow-ups have been sent, Terminated if for some reason the follow-up process has been interrupted.

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