Manage a trip cancellation
It can happen that an invoice to the customer is cancelled completely or partly for various reasons and therefore it is necessary to re-invoice a trip even if it was already invoiced.

To be able to re-invoice a completely invoiced trip a cancellation must be entered.

You can insert a cancellation in the trip by clicking on the hexagon icon inside the Invoice field.

In the window that opens, enter the Net Amount of the cancellation and the description, then press Save.

After saving, the status of the trip invoice will become Partially invoiced and the hexagon icon will turn red.

At this point, you can re-invoice the trip and in the resulting invoice, you will find the row where the cancellation was just entered together with rows for the trip and the previous invoice.

Keep in mind that it is not possible to enter a cancellation in a trip when it has not been invoiced.  As a result, if you try to delete an invoice relative to a trip with a cancellation, the system will stop you, asking you to first delete the cancellation.

That said, it also applies for the invoicing to the supplier and to the customer of the sub-contract.

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Sengerio SUPPORT | 2021