Set the prices for Shared transfer

To set the prices for a Shared transfer rate table, access that rate table and select the Transfer prices tab.

Press the + button to add a new price row.

Select Departure and Destination from the list of your Places or Geographical areas and select a price per person, specifying from which value (From) to which value (To) of the passengers number this price will be applied.

You can leave the To field blank to mean that it has no limit.

When you make a quotation or a booking, if the departure and arrival of the trip find a geographical correspondence with the route that is in the rate table, then that Price is set.

On the single route, you can configure the Duration in minutes, so that Sengerio is able to automatically apply it once the start time is inserted in the service.

You can also specify the Advance in minutes to allow Sengerio to calculate the departure and arrival times of the trip based on the time of departure of a Flight from the airport (that you can enter form the Flight field).
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Sengerio SUPPORT | 2021