Configure a link to your site

Click on the Road icon in the main menu and then on Quotation requests.

Open the menu and click on Link to my website.

In the window, select the language in which you want the user to view the quote request form and click on the text to select it.

You can create multiple links in different languages, if necessary.

When the user goes to click on the link within your site, he will reach a page similar to the one in the image below, with your logo at the top.

You can configure each vehicle type and each travel type that you entered in Sengerio so that they are either visible or invisible on the quote request.

To do this, access the list of one of the two types and select the option you want on the ‘Visibility’ column.

To configure the Terms and Privacy, access their list from the main menu.

Inside the form of one of the Terms or Privacy, select the ‘Quote request’ checkbox to use that specific text.

Keep in mind that, depending on the language with which you created the link, the text will be used only if this was also set in the same language.
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