Invite suppliers to offer a price

Once you create a booking, you have the possibility to invite one or more of your connected suppliers to offer a price for that service.

To do this, access the Supplier invites tab and click on Invite suppliers for the quotation.

You are presented with a window that shows all your connected suppliers on Sengerio.

Select one or more and click on Confirm.

Each one of these suppliers will receive a quotation request by email and on their Sengerio account. You can see 'Quotation pending' next to each supplier.

When a supplier accepts the request and specifies a price in their quotation, you can see the offer on your booking.

By accepting the supplier's offer, the booking will be automatically assigned to that supplier and the agreed amount is applied to the price of your booking.

From here, you can work exactly as if you had directly assigned the booking to the supplier.
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