Manage payments of a booking

To manage a payment for a specific booking, click on the Prices tab on a booking.

Click on the + Payment button to register a payment. You must at least enter the Date and Amount (by default equal to the Unpaid Amount) and press Continue.

Click + Driver collection notice to notify your driver (on the Sengerio Driver application) that he must collect the amount you specify. If you have configured integration with Stripe, the driver has the option of accepting credit card payments.

At the time of collection, a payment is created for the corresponding amount.

To receive payments from customer bookings, click on Pay (next to the Stripe icon) to collect a certain amount directly from your customer’s credit card. The transaction status is reported on the payment.

View all your payments in the list below the buttons.

To delete any one, click Delete, in gray on your payment.

To edit a payment (except for Stripe collections), click Edit in gray.

In addition, you always have the possibility to consult the list of all Payments Received or made, regardless of the booking.

Find out more about the payments list.
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