Manage intergroup invoicing

Sengerio allows you to manage inter-group bookings, i.e. those bookings assigned to a vehicle owned by one of your sub-accounts.

To reach the inter-group bookings list, access the customer bookings list, then click on the arrow next to the list title and select Inter-group bookings.

To assign a vehicle to one of your sub-account just select, during the creation of the vehicle, Sub-account for the ownership type, and the corresponding sub-account as the owner.

Once created the inter-group booking, you can create the Inter-group invoice by simply selecting the booking from the list and clicking, from the menu, Invoice.

Obviously, you can also select more than one booking for the same invoice.

The sub-account that owns the vehicle will be automatically selected as the customer of the invoice.

Except for that, you will be able to work with this invoice in the same way as the standard invoices.
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Sengerio SUPPORT | 2021