Accept or refuse assigned services

Every time a service is assigned to you through the network of Sengerio, you can see a notification on the Messages button in the top menu.

By clicking on the icon, you can see all the assignment messages and filter the pending ones, this also includes updates (to accept or refuse) and cancellations (to confirm you read it).

By clicking on the specific row, you can see the service and are able to read all the details to decide if you want to accept or refuse (visible on the right-hand side panel).

By refusing, the sender is made aware of your choice and you won't see the service again among the pending ones.

By accepting, the sender receives a confirmation message. 
You can find the accepted service among your bookings to allow you to cover it with a driver and a vehicle. 

If the sender is a Buyer, than the vehicle must be one of the communicated (and authorized) vehicles for the same typology set in the booking.

If necessary, before accepting or refusing, you can also send messages from the conversation panel, to ask for additional information.

The messages are available also after accepting the service.

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Sengerio SUPPORT | 2022