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A team is a group of users that has access only to specific data within Sengerio. This data is that which belongs to the specific team in question.

However, one of the team members has access to a wider range of data in Sengerio. A user belonging to the Default team can see and manage the data of all other teams, while users belonging to other teams can only see the data created by users from their team.

The data that belongs to a specific team are Vehicles, Human resources, Quotations, Bookings, Lines, Journeys, Invoices and Credit notes.

From the main menu, click on the gear icon, on Users  (to access this feature you have to be a superuser and to be inside the Default team).

To create a new team, go to a user profile or click + to create a new one and select the pencil icon in the field Team.

Create a new team by clicking on the + button, entering the name, and saving.

From the moment a user has been moved to a team other than the Default team, this user can only see the data belonging to that team (unlike a user belonging to the Default team, which will always see everything).

Keep in mind that only a superuser from the Default team can move another user to the Default team.

For data to belong to a specific team there are two possibilities:

  1. data are created by a user who belongs to that team.

  2. data were already created before and a user, who belongs to the Default team, access them and manually modify the team from the field of the same name.

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