Send a Google Form survey via email

To create a survey using Google Forms, access your Google account and click on the + New in the top left. Then from the menu, select More and finally, Google Forms

From here, you can generate your survey by adding a title, multiple-choice questions, short answers, and much more.

Once you complete your survey, press on the gear icon in the top right and select Collect email addresses and Response receipts, then tick the option Always.

This way, the survey participants receive a copy of their answers.

Also, in the Presentation section, remove the tick of the Show link to submit another response.

This way, once the survey is completed, the participants are not advised to send another response.

You can see a preview of your survey by clicking on the eye icon in the top right.

The changes made are automatically saved in Drive.

To generate the link to your survey, return to the main page of Drive and right-click on your survey, then choose the Get shareable link.

By clicking on the link, you copy the text to the clipboard.

Now, all that you have to do is to access Sengerio.

To be able to send the survey by email, access one of the following lists: business partners, bookings, quotations, or human resources.

From the list, select one or more rows.

Keep in mind that you can send the survey only if there is an email specified.

From the top menu, select Send survey.

Add a survey by clicking on the + and entering the name and link.

Once saved, select the survey and click on Send.

Sengerio sends your survey by email to all the selected business partners.

You can check the responses received inside Google Forms by accessing your survey and going to Responses.

You can see the date and time of the last survey sent from the list in the column Last survey sent.

Keeping the mouse over the date, you can also see the name of the last survey sent.

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