Buyer - Work with transport companies

Once registered in Sengerio as a Buyer, it's time to build your supplier network.

You can find them in more than one way:

  • You can use the Transport companies map and search for companies in your area of interest.

  • You can use the quick search tool in the top left to search for both companies names and geographical areas.

By clicking on an operator you can see some information about the company and are able to connect to that company.

By clicking on an area you can see all the operators in that area and can read the information of each one of them and connect.

In any case, to invite a company to join your network you just have to click on Connect near the company name.

When a supplier has accepted your invite, it's time to manage its vehicles.

From the main menu, click on Suppliers vehicles.

Here you can see all your suppliers and their vehicles.

Or you can select a single one.

In addition to the license plates of vehicles that the supplier has communicated to you, by clicking on Show contractualized you can see the list of contracted vehicles and you may add others by clicking the + button. 

You can also archive them by opening them and clicking on Archive in the menu.

The number next to the name tells if the supplier has communicated a number less than (red and negative) or more than (green and positive) the number you requested.

Every time a supplier communicates a vehicle, you can see it in the list of the vehicle plates, with the label To check.

By clicking on the blue arrow next to the plate you can visualize all the details of that vehicle, including attached files (insurance, travel documents), and can accept the vehicle or refuse it.

If you refuse the vehicle, you must specify a reason so that the supplier can fix the issues and recommunicate the vehicle.

Keep in mind that Sengerio helps identify expired insurances, which are represented with a red label. To view the vehicles with expired insurance, click on the red label.

The last step in the collaboration with transport companies is the booking assignments.

To do that just access the booking and, from the Operative tab, assign one of the contracted vehicles.

(The supplier can cover it only with a vehicle that has the same typology as the one set in the booking, and that you have approved)

The booking assigned to the supplier is visible among Pending services labeled as Supplier action required.

When the supplier accepts the booking, you can send and receive messages.

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