-Sengerio Mobile – Use the Agenda

Keep track of all of your hires through the Agenda.

Click on the refresh icon at the top right to manually reload the current day displayed. 

Keep in mind that each time that you select a date or exit from the details of a booking, the dates will be automatically updated.

Navigate among the dates with the calendar at the top. Scroll with the finger at the left or right, and choose the day by clicking on the number. 

The current selected date will be highlighted in red.

A hire duty that continues from the previous day is, by default, hidden. Click on the blue crossed-out eye in the bottom right (present only if there are hidden hire duties) to show them all. 

Click on the uncrossed eye to hide them again.

The hire duties that last for several days show in red day x/y where x and y are the current day and the total duration of this hire duty, respectively.

On the left part of every hire duty, you find the start time. In the central part, shown, from top to bottom, are:

  • the title (if specified)

  • start and end places of the route

  • the number of the shared trip (if the booking belongs to a shared trip)

  • vehicle or supplier assigned

  • drivers and assistants assigned

The grey row on the left indicates that the booking is covered, while the red row indicates it is still to be covered (in part or fully.)

The Not read written besides the name indicates that the driver, assistant, or supplier have not viewed the assignment or any subsequent changes made to the hire duty. When it is read, the notice disappears.

Sengerio Mobile does not allow manual sharing with drivers or suppliers. To assign a hire duty or to share it using Sengerio Mobile, you have to configure automatic sharing.
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